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Don’t have a sport or physical activity that you currently are enjoying?

Do you have one but are bored or struggle with making yourself do it?

Whether active or not, we all know we have to use movement to help us feel well in life.

The BEST way to pick a physical activity is to make sure you find it FUN!

If enjoying your workouts is important to you, you have to check out this modern fitness kickboxing class!

What makes for an enjoyable workout?

  1. FUN

  2. Stress vanishing euphoria (guaranteed to leave feeling better, unless you’re a Grinch)

  3. Variety and welcomed surprises

  4. Guarantee of health improvements (unless you keel over)

  5. Where checking the clock to see how much torture is left doesn’t exist


What you can expect to do in our Fitness Kickboxing classes:

  1. Warm Up – Unpredictable, fun movements and stretches that get the blood going and loosen you up.

  2. Bag Work – Feel your tensions go away with each strike on the bag. Well timed rounds of simple to challenging strikes and combos. WARNING: You may go into beast mode and then nothing can stop you! ;)

  3. Friend Time – Here’s a favorite time of class for many. You’ll partner up with someone to enjoy drills that keep burning calories, building strength, and bringing smiles and laughs.

  4. Cool Down – You deserve a relaxing and inspiring end to your workout. A touch of Yoga, Chi-Kung, and creative mind sets accompany your cool down.


You only need gloves and we’ll give them to you for FREE!




Tuesdays & Thursdays at 10:00 a.m.

Saturdays at 9:30 a.m.

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