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What will they learn?

-The art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
-Fundamental skills of self-protection!
-Fun weekly character challenges!
-Bully boundaries!

Education that will stay with them forever as they develop friendships with others that parents approve of!

Come see why our program is easier on families to be a part of than other popular sports and activities!

Kids' martial arts have long been viewed as a great character-building activity. And while the term martial arts often invokes thoughts of Karate or Tae-Kwon-Do and the striking-heavy approach these arts take, more and more parents are discovering that jiu-jitsu’s grappling-heavy focus has tremendous benefits to offer.

And it’s true that kids’ jiu-jitsu can arm a child with a less violent approach to self-defense and bullying. But that’s far from the only benefit kids' BJJ training has to offer. 

Overcoming adversity will build self-confidence

Jiu-Jitsu is challenging. There’s no way to get around that reality. It requires focus, patience, and dedication. But then again, these are all wonderful lessons for your child. With each difficult challenge your child overcomes on the mat, they will develop a new sense of self-confidence that will help them overcome an equal or even greater challenge off the mat in everyday life.

Every time your child proves that doubtful inner voice wrong, they feed a new inner voice, one that says “It will be hard, but I know I can do it.” No single activity will develop your child’s self-confidence more than getting them involved in kids’ jiu-jitsu.

Training will develop an active lifestyle and a healthy mindset

Children are becoming more screen-obsessed and sedentary. Obesity awaits them in the future, if not the present. Not with kids’ jiu-jitsu. By getting your child involved in a martial art that demands physical fitness and builds it naturally every second they’re on the mats, you are gifting your child new habits that will serve them into adulthood and beyond.

But more than just a physically powerful effect, the jiu-jitsu lifestyle also builds a healthy mindset as well. Jiu-jitsu promotes good citizenship, cooperation, positive thinking, and a gentle, constructive mindset. Parents who enroll their kids in jiu-jitsu often remark on how much their child matures and becomes the best version of themselves.

Kids’ jiu-jitsu will build a healthy mental platform for your child to stand on and achieve great things now and in the future.

A new, positive peer group will teach them about healthy social interactions

We know the fear. You try to teach your child good social skills and morals, but, for better or worse, they will spend a huge part of their day away from you and under the influence of peers you have little ability to screen or choose.

This can lead to attitude problems, disrespectful behavior, and later on down the road, dangerous situations you’d rather they not be involved in.

By enrolling your child in kids’ jiu-jitsu, you can provide them with a positive peer group full of kids learning the same life skills and character lessons they are. They’ll have a built-in group of peers who understand their new healthy lifestyle. A peer group who also rejects bullying and aggressive or self-destructive behavior, and who act as cheerleaders rooting them on as they strive every day to be their best self.

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