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         How it works!

1.  Test us out by letting your kid(s) experience a class with their group. 

Have them wear comfortable/athletic attire. 

Must have started Kindergarten to be old enough for our youngest group classes. 

2.  If you love everything that happens during class, enjoy an easy month to month membership, as long as you're happy.   

Our kids program is for parents who are looking for... activity that their kid(s)
will enjoy

...some powerful help developing their personal and social skills

...and great lessons for setting boundaries and protecting themselves

These are the top reasons that parents allow their kids to join a good martial arts program.  


Enter here for a
free week pass.


16 Spots Total
in Each Class.


"Jiu-Jitsu is incredible! We have fun as we learn a ton, parents love the reinforcement of values taught at home, and I get to be around great people. I couldn't ask for more!"
                                             Derrick Maretti

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